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It’s Time to Get Customer Relationship Management Right

Customer relationship management is both more challenging than ever, and more important. For the typical business today, customer relationship management (CRM) must span multiple service channels and product lines, and keep pace with ever-changing competitive and regulatory environments. At the same time, because the internet makes it easy for dissatisfied customers to broadcast their grievances and to find alternative products and services, under-performance in customer relationship management translates very quickly to lost revenue. In today’s marketplace, businesses need to get customer relationship management right, or suffer the consequences.

Silos and handoffs

Traditional customer relationship management systems fail to bridge and sometimes even reinforce company divisions between business units, regions, marketing channels, and product lines. The result is “siloed” customer service that often frustrates customers as they’re handed off from division to division and agent to agent.

Data-driven customer service

Conventional call center software tends to provide customer service reps with lots of data but little guidance on how to handle service issues. The result is guesswork, inconsistency, compliance failures – and substantial training investment aimed at mitigating these problems.

Commodity services

For customer service managers using legacy CRM systems, it’s difficult to offer differentiated services based on product line or customer type, since to do so requires extensive programming work to build differentiation into the system, or extensive training so that CSRs can attempt to apply the service differentiation that the system lack

Slow time-to-value

For business managers in a traditional customer relationship management environment, implementing new business objectives is a lengthy and costly software programming project.

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